Natural Elements – Physiotherapy & Natural Health Clinics

Spread across three sites in Leicestershire, Natural Elements offers an array of treatments to help you move, look and feel better so you can ditch the painkillers and get back to those jobs and activities you've been missing out on. 


At our main clinic in Groby we offer a full range of services from Physio to Acupuncture to massage and Reflexology. 

Our bright and airy rooms as well as the upstairs studio and quiet room in Groby are also available for individual room rental.


Our clinic in Barrow Upon Soar offers Physio, Acupuncture & Deep Tissue Massage with a Saturday session offering Reflexology. 


Desford clinic offers Physio, Acupuncture & Deep Tissue Massage. 


Both day and evening appointments are available for all three sites, and online booking is quick and easy via our website (click on any of the Online Booking buttons on the individual pages)  


Here's how Natural Elements can help you move, look and feel great:

Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries

 Back, Neck, Shoulder and other Joint pain

 Pelvic pain

 Sports Injury

 Physio led Pilates Classes

 Manual Therapy

 Soft tissue manipulation


 Exercise Programmes

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 Natural pain relief

 Reduce stress & anxiety

 Migraine, IBS, Insomnia, Pregnancy sickness

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Pilates Classes

 Increase the body's core strength

 Improve posture, muscle tone and balance

 Improve joint mobility

 Relieve stress and tension

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Remedial, Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

 Muscular Pain

 Muscular Tension

 Pre and Post Event Sports Massage

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Massage Therapies, Aromatherapy & Reflexology


 Relieve Anxiety and Tiredness

 Reduce Muscle Tension

 Improve Sleep

 Pregnancy Backache

 Ease Tension Headache

 Improve Mood and Wellbeing

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Baby Massage & Reflexology Classes

 Improve Sleep


 Ease Colic, Constipation and Trapped Wind

 Helps teething troubles

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Holistic Therapies

 Bowen Technique



 Craniosacral Therapy


 Promote Balance, Health and Wellbeing

 Enpower Body's Own Healing Resources

 Achieve Balance and Harmony

 Feeling Grounded and Restored


Counselling  & Psychotherapy

 Private counselling

 1:1 emotional support interventions / counselling & psychotherapy

 Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshop

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 Individual 1-1 sessions

 Mindfulness classes

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Occupational Therapy

✓ Mental health and wellbeing

✓ Solution focused occupational therapy

✓ Relaxation techniques

 Workplace wellbeing

✓ Mental Health First Aid

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 Increase onfidence boost self-esteem

 Overcome fears and phobias

 Improve personal performance

 Reduce stress and anxiety

 Change eating habits for permanent weight loss

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Chiropody, Nail Care & Foot Health

 Nails Trimmed, Ingrowing Nails

 Callus Reduction

 Corn Removal

 Diabetic Assessment


 Fungal Nails

 Cracked Heels

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Corporate Wellbeing

Increase productivity and motivate employees

Reduce sick days

Enhance focus, problem solving skills, and creative thinking

Recruit and Retain the best talent to your organisation


 Seated Massage


 Pilates Classes

 Relaxation Workshop

 Foot & lower leg massage with Reflexology

 Nutritional Support


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Who Should I Book in With . . Physio vs Massage Therapist

We are located at:

28 Ratby Road, 

Groby  LE6 0GG


Sport in Desford,

Peckleton Lane, Desford  



26 High Street, 

Barrow upon Soar  LE12 8PY


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