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Women's Health Physiotherapy

13th Nov 2018


Women’s Health Physiotherapy is the treatment of disorders affecting the pelvis and pelvic floor.


From incontinence to prolapse, pelvic pain or constipation, women's health physiotherapy can help relieve these symptoms.


Pelvic pain and stress urinary incontinence are common amongst pregnant women. These symptoms often occur due to hormonal changes and the ever increasing weight of the baby and uterus.


An assessment with our Women’s Health Physiotherapist at Natural Elements - Groby is often all you need to prevent this.


Our therapist will make sure that you are doing the right pelvic floor exercises, strengthening the appropriate muscles in order to maintaining a strong pelvic floor through your pregnancy and beyond.  


Mental Health Recovery

10th Nov 2018


Recovery from a mental health problem IS possible.


For many people, mental ill health is temporary in their lives and they find ways to improve their wellbeing or ways to live and thrive despite some of the symptoms that may remain.


This video by the Scottish Recovery Network really resonates with the philosophy I take in working with clients and links very closely to my practice as an occupational therapist and solution focused practitioner.


Take 2 minutes to watch this today, you won't regret it!

No More Waiting

8th Nov 2018


Fed up of waiting for your NHS Physio appointment? 
Fed up with being sent out with yet more painkillers?

We have a range of therapies to help get you moving and feeling better. Look through our website or give us a ring to see what we have to offer.

** Online booking available **

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

7th Nov 2018


Very pleased to announce a new addition to the Natural Elements team.


Psychotherapist Shelley Smith has a particular interest in Child and Family Health and Wellbeing with a vast experience in helping struggling families whether that be with anxiety, family break-ups, eating disorders or special educational needs.


Shelley has worked extensively in the education sector within Leicestershire and is able to offer a bespoke emotional support for those in difficulty.


As well as offering an individual service Shelley is running a series of workshops dealing with a particular theme. These will run over the New Year and broach a range of subjects from anxiety and self harming to self esteem and body image. 

For more information please do feel free to give Shelley a ring directly or check out the dates for the workshops on our website. 


Workplace Wellbeing

5th Nov 2018


Contact us to discuss how we can improve your emplyees' productivity and efficiency by ensuring their physical and mental health is looked after.


We have treatment packages to suit your businesses with our Workplace Wellbeing Programmes. 

Seated Massage

1st Nov 2018


Who spends long periods sitting behind a desk or a laptop ??


Sadly we humans are not really intended to be static in any position for any length of time - even if the position seems to be 'proper' as it were!?


Seated massage can be a great way of combating aches and pains at work? No clothes removed and you don't even need to lie down!


We offer a wellness at work package that can offer so much more than just seated massage. 

Give us a ring on 0116 367 6472 or check out our website to see the range of treatment options available.


Winter Blues

29th Oct 2018


Even Napoleon Bonyparts is feeling the chill today.


Why not ward off those winter blues by treating yourself to an immune boosting massage or Reflexology session.


We can snuggle you up in our electric blanket and fluffy throw so you get an hour of blissful relaxation. 

Appointments available this week at Natural Elements - Groby. 

0116 367 6472 or book online through our website 

World Arthritis Day

12th Oct 2018


Arthritis can make your joints feel stiff like a wooden mannequin but it doesn't have to be this way.


Today is World Arthritis Day 2018  and we want to try and show how we can help at Natural Elements control the symptoms of arthritis rather than letting them control you. 

Give us a call to see how we can help. 

Meet the Therapists at Natural Elements - Groby

10th Oct 2018


As a nod to World Mental Health Day on Wed 10th Oct we would like to invite you along for a FREE coffee, cake and a chance to meet some of our therapists and sample some free treatments.


We have nutritional therapists, Reiki practitioners and occupational therapist on hand so pop in and see us to see what we have to offer to help all of us stay well and healthy.

Massages could boost your immune system

5th Oct 2018


A number of scintific researches have shown benefits of massage therapies and boosting the body's immune system, explaining how massage therapies can help with so many conditions.


Recent BBC Two - Trust Me, I'm a Doctor programme on the subject here.


Also another previous research here.

Barrow Voice Article

27th Sept 2018


A lovely write up in Barrow Voice for Natural Elements - Barrow.  Not sure about the photo though !



World Reflexology Week

24th Sept 2018


** Time to give your feet a treat *

To celebrate World Reflexology Week  we thought we'd look at some of the amazing benefits of this relaxing treatment.


Did you know it has been used for thousands of years to help promote the bodies own healing response, relieving stress and anxiety by boosting the production of serotonin (the happy hormone).


This gentle soothing treatment is a great natural way to combat anxiety and depression.


If you've had problems sleeping then Reflexology could be the answer.


Stimulation of certain points on the feet have been shown to induce relaxation, reducing tension and boosting circulation. It can be a wonderfully natural way of promoting a better nights sleep.


Reflexology can be an especially useful natural treatment both during and after pregnancy helping to alleviate symptoms such as nausea, backache, constipation and fatigue.


Not to mention mum-to-be gets some much needed pampering before the big day. 

Why not try our Pregnancy & new mum package to include reflexology and massage for pre and post birth. The ultimate treat.


Balance Awareness Week

17th Sept 2018


Balance Awareness Week this week. 

It's probably something that we take for granted ....


Most of us can't remember a time when we unable to walk steadily (unless you've had a particularly good night out!).


Yet for millions of people balance problems are a real daily issue causing falls a plenty and leading to any number of fractures and frustrating restrictions.


Try driving or operating machinery or using a computer monitor when you are permanently dizzy. 

Balance problems can often be a fault in the inner ear's vestibular system and can in some cases be cleared quite easily.


If you have balance problems then it's worth getting them checked out sooner rather than later in order to get an accurate diagnosis and get on the path to recovery.


'Introduction to Relaxation Techniques' 6 week course

12th Sept 2018


When we feel stressed, anxious or worried, our body often tenses up and our muscles can feel tight.


Relaxation techniques can help us to notice the tension we feel and then to learn to relax our body and mind.


There are many different types of relaxation techniques and each person will find the ones they find most beneficial.


Introducing regular relaxation exercises into daily life can help reduce every day stress, boost your energy levels and improve your mood and general mental health.


The benefits of learning to relax your mind and body are invaluable in achieving improved wellbeing!


Call us at the Natural Elements or contact Kate Jackson HERE to find out more about the course.


Vascular Disease Awareness

1st Sept 2018


September is Vascular Disease Awareness month.


I guess we are all aware of the problems caused by blocked arteries in our heart and neck but did you know that sometimes low back pain can have a vascular cause?


Every part of our body that needs blood (so that's pretty much everywhere!) can be affected and in some (fortunately) relatively rare cases vascular problems can present as a back pain

Always worth getting your back pain checked by a professional so that more serious causes can be excluded. Book an appointment with our physiotherapist in our Groby, Barrow upon Soar or Desford clinics for more advice.


Reflexology & Reiki Healing

31st Aug 2018


Pleased to announce that the lovely Jo Smith is now offering Reflexology and Reiki at our Groby clinic.


Jo will be with us in on Weds and Thursday evenings. 


Are you ready for a return to routine ??

29th Aug 2018


As wonderful as the summer has been most of us secretly, I think a lot of us are ready for a return to some normality and routine - even the kids!

Why not treat yourself to a Relaxing massage or Reflexology session to help reset yourself for the Autumn??

Some Tips about Headaches

21st Aug 2018


Do I need to see my GP before seeing you ?

19th Aug 2018


First Session - what to expect

16th Aug 2018


New Physiotherapist

9th Aug 2018


Very pleased to announce we have a new Physio starting at Natural Elements - Groby !


The lovely Becky Yates will be offering Physiotherapy and Acupuncture on Tuesdays. 


Becky comes to us with a wealth of experience in the private sector over the past 14 years with a solid foundation in general musculo-skeletal conditions and an interest in womens health too.


Looking forward to welcoming her to the team when she starts with us on 21st August. 

Welcome Becky !

Chronic Pain

8th Aug 2018


Pain is an interesting concept and the more we learn about it the more fascinating it becomes.


Chronic pain is pain that has been there for longer than anticipated - it’s difficult to specify a definite time as so often pain develops slowly over time, gradually creeping up on us and causing all sorts of problems!


One thing we do know is that the longer a pain is there the more our body adapts to it, changing the way we move and even the sensations that the nerves carry to our brain.


Whilst acute or ‘new‘ pain is very well understood, chronic pain is a far more complicated beast that requires a different approach.


This may be why so many people find traditional pain relief techniques don’t work for them - it tries to treat the pain as an acute problem without taking into account the complexity that chronic pain can bring with it.


Why choose a Hot Stone Massage ?

1st Aug 2018


Our therapist Sian uses smooth volcanic stones warmed gently to massage the tissues, the heat from the stones helping to relax the tissues quickly allowing her more time to work on those knots and tight muscles helping to soothe those aches and pains.


A great stress buster and wonderful at improving sleep, relieving muscular aches and pains and improving skin tone.


26th July 2018


"Pain" is a word we hear an awful lot of at Natural Elements.  I guess if questioned most people would consider that we see people when they are in pain.  Wrong! 

I see many people who initially say they are coming to see us for back pain or shoulder pain or a headache. Yet when I question them they have often been in pain for months before they've picked up the phone to see me!
So what has made them pick up the phone?
  • Unable to look after grandchildren?
  • Can't bend down to do the garden.
  • Going on holiday and worried won't be able to walk far when they are there
  • maybe they've a sporting event on the horizon. 

People tolerate pain for a surprising amount of time before ever doing anything about it . Yet the longer a pain is present the trickier it becomes to treat, our bodies adapting and shaping themselves to accommodate these new sensations.

We are more than a sum of our aches and pains so let us see if we can help.

Climber's Hands

25th July 2018


I treat lot of climbers so end up seeing a lot of hands, finger and tendon injuries which can be troublesome to say the least!


Climbers tend to put a higher load through their finger tendons than most athletes and the wonderful human body is able to adapt to these changes, allowing a stronger more flexible tendon ... although not necessarily bigger. 

But these changes take time and - like the runner wanting to do their 10k - the climber must be patient before tackling that 7A route or V6 boulder.


Stretching - Myths and Realities 

24th July 2018


Watch any football team warming up and you'll see them all stretching on the pitch. Yet evidence available suggests that whilst stretching improves static flexibility - for example, the ability to bend and touch your toes - there is little evidence that this extra flexibility translates into better muscular performance during activities.


Indeed excessive flexibility can actually be more harmful if the supporting muscles are not up to the job - kind of like taking away the scaffolding before the mortar has set. 

So why do we do it?? Increasingly research is showing the importance of progressive LOADING of tendons rather than stretching them, especially when it comes to injuries such as tennis elbow or Achilles problems. 

Flexibility is important but it is nothing without control.


Load > Capacity = PAIN

23rd July 2018


It may manifest itself as shin splints or plantar fascitis or patello-femoral pain but these conditions are all caused by excessive load through tissues that are not ready to take the strain.


It's something we see a lot of in physio clinic, particularly amongst runners, who get bitten by the running bug doing a couch to 5k programme and then to think they can do a 10k in 3 months time because their brother in law has entered them for this years Wolf Run!


Your heart and lungs get fitter so much quicker so the temptation is to do a bit too much too soon.The trick is to take your time and build up slowly, ....... however frustrated the brother in law will be.


Wolf Run will still be there next year. 


Which exercises should I do for my back pain?

20th July 2018


It's a question I get asked a lot and it's not easy to answer over the phone or at a party with a drink and a vol-u-vent in my hand.


If you scour the internet there are countless generic  "5 exercises to cure your sciatica"  type pages and whilst they can be helpful it's not always the RIGHT exercises for YOU.

For example the stretch shown in the photo is a commonly given stretch but for those with facet joint pain or spondylolythesis it could be very detrimental. 

I am a firm believer that any exercise is generally better than no exercise but the wrong exercises will be, at best ineffectual or at worst, dangerous. 

See a professional that can sort out a set of exercises suited to you and your body for the best results.


Does Pilates help for back pain ? 

19th July 2018


You bet it does !


"My right shoulder had seized up so badly overnight that it was clamped against my chin in the manner of Lurch from the Addams Family."


"As ever more of us sit down and stare at screens for a living, back pain is becoming the great leveller of our age. Humans are evolved to move, twist, bend and roam, not sit hunched in an office chair for 12 hours a day.


In the technological era we have moved from a species that is dependent on our bodies to our brains. And the damage we are doing to ourselves in the process is profound.


The latest Health and Safety Executive figures show nearly 10 million working days are lost each year for adults aged 25-64 due to back pain costing the UK economy some £12bn a year. Around 80 per cent of us will suffer from back pain at some point in our lives. 


It is men aged between 45 and 54 who are deemed most at risk of developing problems, an age bracket that is creeping down all the time . . . . "


. . . "Pilates and its close relative yoga (the former is a western invention that focuses on strength and the latter an eastern one that places greater value on flexibility) are increasingly seen as crucial weapons in the war against back pain.


Accordingly despite being an activity traditionally perceived as restricted to women, ever more men are now taking up pilates. Not even necessarily as a hobby, fun though it is, rather a necessary tool of keeping going in their lives.

The 2016 National Institute for Health and Care Excellence  guidance on the management of back pain recognises a combination of approaches often works best - exercise, psychological therapies as well as manipulative therapy. This ties in with a new authoritative study published in the US this month, which proved regular yoga classes relieves lower back pain as effectively as physiotherapy . . . "



. . "So what differences have I noticed? Firstly, my posture. I stand far straighter than I used to and sit better, too. My body feels stronger, and I have developed small bulges of muscle around the shoulder blades where there was none before. I still can’t touch my toes - and on busy writing weeks feel occasional stabs of pain in my shoulders – but I am getting there."


. . "Pilates focuses on the deep postural muscles, under the abdominals.  The author Martin Amis, another devotee, described the strengthening effects as while not sufficient to make his gut disappear, certainly enough to enable him to suck it in when an attractive woman walks by on the beach . . "


By Joe Shute - Telegraph


Why Not Try Climbing . . . . 

17th July 2018


The ultimate cardio, strength, endurance and mental workout.... and with a great view to boot !!


How Rock Climbing Does Your Mind -- And Body -- Good

  • Rock climbing builds muscle and endurance
  • Climbing boosts brain function
  • Rock climbing reduces stress
  • It teaches valuable life skills


More Than Just Physiotherapy . . . 

16th July 2018


Did you know we do so much more than just Physio and Acupuncture ? Here's just a few of the things on offer at Natural Elements - Groby.


From Reflexology and Reiki to massage and foot health there's something for everyone to enjoy.


Vouchers available to purchase online as a gift - perfect for a leaving present, a treat for mum or a birthday present.



National Cherry Day

16th July 2018


Did you know that eating cherries may help settle the pain associated with gout and arthritis ??


That's because they are rich in powerful anti-oxidents called anthocyanins which help fight the inflammation that causes the pain and swelling of arthritis and gout.


A previous patient told me that in Germany the custom was to eat the cherries and then keep the stones for a heat bag ( like the wheat bags that we put in the microwave ).



No More Waiting . . . 

13thJuly 2018


Poor Napolean Bonyparts , he's fed up of waiting for his NHS appointment to come through. If you're in a similar position then give us a ring and see how our private Physios and therapists can help getting you looking, moving and feeling better.

Bad Posture !

12th July 2018


Tight hip flexors + short hamstrings + poor function = pain !

For many of us our day is spent sitting down whether that be sitting in a car on our commute, sitting behind a computer all day or sitting sloth like on the sofa watching Love Island  ? 

Trouble is it's making many of us chair shaped. How often have you found you've been sitting for an hour plus if engrossed in a project.


Tight or overactive muscles can cause havoc with our bodies - particularly if we up the demands on our body by a new sport or a different job style. Trouble is - it's not just about stretching and getting more flexibility - as flexibility improves then so do the forces on the joints and strength must also be addressed to protect vulnerable joints.


Standing can be a minefield too ... just look at Posh Spice 

Ohhh she's going to have soooo many problems with her back, knees, feet....

Jumpers for Goalposts 

28th June 2018


So, the World Cup is in full flow ( although after England's first match you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd tuned into the Rugby rather than footie ) , sweepstakes have been drawn up and down the land - I've drawn Saudi Arabia so I feel mine will be a short tournament. 


After most big sporting tournaments we see a rise in the number of people that have been inspired to get back into a sport that they perhaps haven't played for years and in turn landing up on the treatment couch !!   Seeing your legends dribbling a ball beautifully and rolling around on the grassy pitch makes dads and grandads everywhere feel they want to have a kick around with the kids. Jumpers for goalposts and all that jazz.  However very rarely does a kick around involve a warm up or a stretch. So it's no wonder that we see all manner of Achilles problems, pulled hamstrings and crocked backs after an innocent Sunday kick around. 


Best bet is a gentle warm- up , just a brisk walk to the park with the kids would be enough and a few gentle stretches before starting - get the kids involved too as it gets them into good habits. A good warm bath or hot shower afterwards can also help to banish those sore muscles and mean getting out of bed the next day doesn't need specialist lifting equipment ! 

Come on England !!......... and Saudi Arabia  :) 



Do we have to take our clothes off !!

22nd June 2018


You may giggle but you'd be surprised by how often we get asked this question by clients. All of the worries about diagnosis and possible side effects of treatment pale into insignificance when you remember you haven't shaved your legs or you're wearing the wrong pants.


Please don't physios we're really not looking at the state of your underwear or the weave of your string vest ! As a general rule bear in mind the body bit we are looking at .... if it's your low back or a knee then shorts would be helpful or if it's your shoulders ladies then a vest top can be more convenient. But we always aim to remove as little clothing as possible to keep you as comfortable as possible.


When it comes to Deep tissue or relaxing massages then it's really up to you the client - it's often more convenient to have a whole back exposed but if you feel uncomfortable then please do say so and your therapist can adjust their treatment as necessary.


Sleep . . .

21st June 2018


As any new parent will tell you sleep is fundamental to our good health. We've all had periods when our sleep has been disturbed whether it's because we've got a bunged up nose due to hayfever, aches and pains making it difficult to get comfortable or a racing mind that just won't switch off.


There are many routes to a peaceful night's kip from Acupuncture and Reflexology to massage and Mindfulness

Why not give us a call and see how we can help you get a good night's sleep. 

No babysitting though....... I have to draw the line somewhere !?






Relaxing vs Remedial massage ...... what's the difference ??

19th June 2018


It's a question we get asked a lot and clients are often unsure which they should be booking. 


If you are looking to de-stress or give yourself some good old fashioned TLC then a Relaxing massage is the treatment for you! Pressure used can be as light or deep and all helps to put the mind in a relaxed state. Why not combine it with aromatherapy using beautiful scented oils to help lift your mood or chill out. Your therapist may help set the mood with relaxing music and softer lighting. 

The word 'Remedial' comes from the word to remedy or to fix so this massage tends to be for those that have a specific problem, for example sciatica, chronic neck tension or sporting injuries. Your therapist may test certain muscles and loosen any particular tightness or tension that may have built up over time. Pressure used should be deep and may edge into discomfort if a trigger point is found but it is not painful. Your therapist may well discuss various stretches or adjustments to your posture to help with aches and pains.


Boden Central

15th June 2018


Pleased to be spreading the Pilates and Physio love at Boden Leicester HQ today. Lovely to see an employer looking after their staff wellbeing.

National Men's Health Week

11th June 2018


It's National Men's Health Week this week culminating in Father's Day on Sunday 17th June. These ' awareness ' weeks often tickle me ... I do hope we look after our men for the other 51 weeks of the year too ! ?


Chaps, wanting to look after yourself doesn't make you a vain Love Island wannabee. The body is a machine that needs good fuel, a good run out every so often and careful garaging at night to allow it to recouparate. 

?It also benefits from an MOT or full valet every so often !


Sports Hernia Injury: A Complete Full-Scale Review (Athletic Pubalgia)

8th June 2018


An interesting article about hernias particularly in relation to sports folks. The pelvis is a busy area anatomically with some major muscles and joints being involved. Getting a proper assessment is really improtant as the wrong diagnosis could mean you are barking up the wrong tree for months with your rehab.…/sports-hernias-athletic-pubalgia/




Our Feet . . 

31st May 2018


We have the most amazing piece of engineering literally right at our feet !!


Our feet are the very foundations of our body ! Just like a building, if the foundations are poor then the building will be affected too. So often we see people in clinic that present with one problem - knee pain for example - and yet our physios end up treating their feet or sending them across to our Foot Health Practitioner or our Reflexologist because although the pain may be in their knees the problem is actually with their foundations.


We only get one pair of feet and bless 'em they put up with a lot of abuse but occasionally we need to be kind to them and treat them well. Spend time walking without any shoes on when at home, it's a challenge for our balance and can help to strengthen the foot.


The arches of our feet are reliant on the support provided by the muscles in our calves and feet - the stronger they are then the more support the foot has. Fresh air around our tootsies is important for the health of the skin and nail bed too so spend time out of socks and shoes and let your feet breathe. 

Of course when you do put those shoes on then like Oprah make sure they are fabulous ! 



Subliminal Senses . . .

23rd May 2018


This is bang on !

Touch is such an important part of communication yet in this current climate it's one that has become taboo. I feel very fortunate that we are in a profession that allows us to touch .. in a professional manner of course !


Touch also increases the release of hormones such as Oxytocin known as 'the cuddle hormone' reducing stress and anxiety and promoting a sense of well being. 


So get a massage to help lower stress levels, reduce anxiety and promote a healthier sleep pattern. It could be Hot Stones or a Deep Tissue Massage or a relaxing Aromatherapy massage. Take your pick and let the power of touch do it's thing !! 

Pain Can Change You But Never Let It Define You

22nd May 2018


Pain is a word we hear an awful lot of at Natural Elements. I guess if questioned most people would consider that we see people when they are in pain. Wrong ! 

I see many people who initially say they are coming to see us for back pain or shoulder pain or a headache. Yet when I question them they have often been in pain for months before they've picked up the phone to see me ! 

So what has made them pick up the phone ? Unable to look after grandchildren ? Can't bend down to do the garden. Going on holiday and worried won't be able to walk far when they are there. Sporting event on the horizon. 

People tolerate pain for a surprising amount of time before ever doing anything about it . Yet the longer a pain is present the trickier it becomes to treat , our bodies adapting and shaping themselves to accommodate these new sensations. 

We are more than a sum of our aches and pains so let us see if we can help.



Dementia Awareness Week

21st May 2018


This week is Dementia Awareness week highlighting the needs, concerns and fears of those living with dementia.


The number of people diagnosed is forecast to triple with the costs far outweighing those of heart disease and cancer combined. 

Those caring for loved ones with dementia are the forgotten heroes. It can be heart breaking, monotonous, isolating, frustrating and soul destroying watching your loved one slowly slip away leaving a shadow of the person they once were.


So, if you know one of those heroes why not give them a helping hand this week ? It may be offering to get some shopping in or running errands or merely offering a fresh pair of hands and a cuppa if they need a friendly face and a chance to chat and talk with someone. 

Look after each other and be kind, always. You never know the battles others may be facing daily.


An interesting conundrum . . .

13th May 2018


An interesting conundrum ? Which comes first ? 

The two are undoubtedly linked - for example patients look at me in puzzlement as I start fiddling with their feet when they've come to see me with hip pain ?

I haven't lost it, your feet really can have an influence on your hips.... honest ! 

Personally I think it's pretty irrelevant and something we could debate til the cows come home ( or the chickens come in to roost ! ). The important thing surely is that both are addressed ... if the pain remains the movement remains poor and if the movement is poor then the pain will remain.

A Good Massage Therapist . . . 

9th May 2018


Many of us consider a massage to be a ' treat '. Something to book for a birthday or a cheeky day off work. But did you know massage can help lower blood pressure ? Help you sleep better and lower the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the bloodstream ? 

When you look at it that way it's a no brainer ! You wouldn't hesitate to pop a pill to lower your blood pressure or calm frazzled nerves yet to allow ourselves to do these things naturally makes us feel vaguely guilty !

Look upon it as a blissful hour that you have invested in yourself and your health ! 

Give us a call to see how we can help you move, look and feel better naturally. 

Oriental Fusion Facial Massage

24th Apr 2018


Who wants to reduce frown lines and have a fresher, more youthful looking skin??  ?

Introducing the Oriental Fusion Facial Massage.


Acupressure, massage and lymphatic drainage combine to give a deeply relaxing treatment to drain away excess tissues fluid, releasing expression lines and reducing the signs of aging.


All completely natural. No needles, No Botox. No acidic lotions and potions. Why not combine with an Indian Head Massage for the ultimate relaxing treat?


Now available at Natural Elements - Groby.




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