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All About Acupuncture by Natural Elements Physiotherapy and Natural Health Clinics in Leicester

Everything you need to know 

  • Why choose Physio?
    Physiotherapy uses physical methods like exercise, heat, postural analysis, manipulation of the joints and soft tissue release to treat aches and pains and get you moving more freely. It is suitable for all ages and we see a variety of problems within the clinic such as: - Muscular back pain - Sciatica - Tendinitis - Chronic overuse injuries - Tendon and ligament sprains - Frozen shoulder - Neck pain - Arthritis - Nerve pain - Sporting injuries
  • Do all of the Physios offer the same treatments ?
    Not necessarily. The main difference is Acupuncture or Pilates as not all our Physios have additional training in these areas. If in doubt or you are looking for a particular therapy then it's always best to give us a ring.
  • Do you accept insurance funded patients?
    All our Physios are state registered ( HCPC ) and carry full liability insurance. We are covered by many insurance companies but we would always politely ask that you please check with your individual company before booking an appointment. and to ensure your level of cover is able to cover the cost of treatment and to obtain any necessary authorisation. Any excesses will need to be settled by yourself if not covered by your policy.
  • Do I need to get referred by my GP?
    No. All of our clinics are totally privately funded so you are able to book independently of your NHS GP. Occasionally your examination may revel some underlying issues requiring the advice and involvement of your GP, in these circumstances with your consent, we may refer you to your GP for additional investigations e.g blood tests, X-rays, or MRI scans. I'm afraid we are unable to see NHS patients.
  • What to expect on a first session?
    Our first session with you will always be a consultation to take a good history of the problem, how it is behaving and a run down of any other ailments and medications that you may be taking. It is helpful if you are able to bring a written list of your current medications with you on the day. Following your consultation your therapist will then discuss their findings and form a treatment programme tailored to your needs. This is different for each person as every individual has different needs.
  • Do I have to take my clothes off?
    Always amazed at how often we get asked this ! We're not shy but we appreciate that you may be ! We do need to get you undressed to a certain degree so we can see the affected body part. If you would prefer to stay covered then please feel free to bring a pair of shorts or vest so that you can change and still feel comfortable. You will never be asked to undress to a level that would make you feel uncomfortable. Likewise if you would prefer a therapist of the same sex or be accompanied to your appointment then please do let us know before your appointment date and time so we have time to accommodate any requests. .
  • Does my first session include any treatment?
    First consultations last up to 45 minutes and whilst we always endeavor to include some treatment this may not be appropriate on the day depending on what your therapist has uncovered during the consultation. If in doubt then please do ask your therapist. However, no-one gets out without an exercise programme so expect some homework to be going on with. We use a video exercise system called Physitrack to provide you with short videos of your exercises so no excuses for not doing them !
  • What happens after my first appointment?
    Follow up sessions last 30 minutes and will always be carried out by your therapist. Our exercise programmes are delivered by an emailed video link which will be customised by your therapist to ensure you have exercises suitable for your individual condition. Please note not all therapists are qualified in all modalities e.g Pilates or Acupuncture - if you have a specific therapy that interests you then please do ask at the time of booking or approach your therapist to ask.
  • Do you do any packages of treatment?
    Yes, we do have packages - please ask your therapist for details.

Research Finds Acupuncture Effective for Chronic Pain

Acupuncture has a clinically relevant effect compared with no acupuncture control.


These effects appeared to persist for at least 12 months after receiving acupuncture.


The effects of acupuncture are not completely explicable in terms of placebo effects.

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