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Frequently asked questions

What problems does Acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture is used extensively in Chinese medicine to treat a wide range of conditions from pain and asthma to Psoriasis and anxiety. At Natural Elements we use Acupuncture alongside our Physiotherapy texchniques to treat a variety of conditions but most commonly seen are : - Arthritis - Back Pain - Migraines / tension headaches - Insomnia - Nerve pain e.g shingles, trapped nerves

Does Acupuncture help with pain?

Our nervous system is rather like a complicated wiring system within the body, sending electrical messages, including pain, to and from the brain where they are processed and made sense of. Just like any other wire there is only so much bandwidth or information any nerve can carry. Acupuncture is a really great way of getting the nerve to switch off some of these pain signals. It also promotes the release of the body's own natural painkillers.

Does it hurt?

The million dollar question! The needles used for Acupuncture are as fine as a human hair - nothing like those used for injections or taking blood. Patients sometimes describe it as a stinging sensation but often find I've already popped in three needles before they say "tell me when you're going to start" There are some points that can be a little more uncomfortable than others but you will never be expected to sit there gritting your teeth. If you don't like it, then tell us and the needles come out. It's all totally within your control.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are thankfully minimal. By far the most common is feeling a little lightheaded or faint due to a slight drop in blood pressure. If it happens it happens then and there - not hours later - and it's easily remedied by removing the needles and lying down for a few minutes to let the blood pressure settle. The other side effect is minor bleeding at the needle site.

I'm pregnant, can I have Acupuncture?

Firstly, congratulations ! Yes and no... Acupuncture isn't advised in the first trimester of pregnancy but thereafter it can be used to treat conditions such as morning sickness, back pain, migraines and a whole host of other pregnancy related issues. There are some points that are best avoided but on the whole treatment can be very successful.

Can Acupuncture help with fertility issues?

Whilst Acupuncture has been used by some women very successfully to assist in conceiving really as Physio's it is beyond the scope of our practice and we would suggest that you seek a fertility specialist if considering Acupuncture.

Which therapists use Acupuncture?

At Natural Elements all the therapists using Acupuncture are also State Registered Physiotherapists. They have all done additional post graduate training and carry appropriate qualifications and additional insurance.


Research Finds Acupuncture Effective for Chronic Pain

Acupuncture has a clinically relevant effect compared with no acupuncture control.


These effects appeared to persist for at least 12 months after receiving acupuncture.


The effects of acupuncture are not completely explicable in terms of placebo effects.

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