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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Massage Therapy

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage ?

Lymphatic Drainage ( MLD ) massage is a very light, gentle touch massage especially useful following surgery. The light strokes of MLD stimulates the drainage of excess lymph fluid which can collect in the tissues causing puffiness and reducing movement. 

What is Lymph ? 

It's essentially the body's drainage system, normally allowing excess fluid and toxins to drain from injured areas or where the circulation has been disrupted. Lymphatic massage works to gently move this excess lymph fluid towards the lymph nodes and into the circulatory system This leads to less swelling, and heaviness, improved healing and improved movement san dfunction.


Post surgery / injury benefits

  • Aiding speedy healing 

  • Reducing scar formation

  • Reducing swelling post surgery,  ( particularly after cosmetic or cancer surgery with lymph node involvement. )


Health benefits 

  • Improved immunity

  • Reduced Puffiness. 

  • Increased circulation

Which conditions benefit from Lymphatic Massage ? 

  • Post surgery e.g Mastectomy, 

  • Post injury e.g ankle sprains, Achilles surgery

  • Post Lipsocution 

  • Lyphedema

  • Circulatory Disorders 

  • Arthritis 

 ** PLEASE NOTE - any wounds must be closed, not suitable during active radiotherapy or chemotherapy cycles, no facial surgery

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