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Reiki Healing

Reiki Treatment

It's all about you

Reiki Healing is a gentle yet powerful holistic therapy that can relax, heal and energise mind, body and spirit. 


The mind and body are interlinked, physical problems may lead to low mood and/or stress.


Equally low mood and/or stress can cause physical problems. Reiki’s positive energy will help to balance and harmonise body and soul, thereby promoting healing. 


During a treatment at Natural Elements - Groby we will begin by discussing your needs.


The experience will be different for every individual because we all have different needs, but most people find it deeply relaxing. The relaxation and healing can continue long afterwards. 


Reiki treatment is not a replacement for medical treatment but may be safely used alongside it.


Even only one Reiki treatment can relax, heal and energise; a series of 4-6 sessions can make a significant positive difference to your health and well being.


It’s about YOU and YOUR individual needs........ 

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