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Pilates is the perfect way to exercise gently yet effectively to give strength and tone to the waist and tummy muscles. A great way of exercising for all ages and abilities. Our Pilates classes are suited for both beginners and intermediates and are always led by a fully qualified Physio.

Online and in person Physio led classes

Frequently asked questions

What is Pilates?

The word ' Pilates ' is actually a name ! Joseph Humbartus PIlates formulated his original set of 34 mat based exercises back in the 1920's. His method has become synonymous with the fluid, effortless movements of a ballet dancer due to his professional links with the New York Ballet in the 1950's. Pilates these days is a system of exercises designed to strengthen and tone muscles, improve posture, movement and flexibility. There is a strong emphasis on smooth, flowing movements and building a strong inner core giving a strong, stable base and improving sports,

What can Pilates do for me?

Pilates is a gentle, non impact form of exercise and can be done in a variety of standing, sitting or lying positions. It targets the deep muscles around the hips, tummy, bottom and low back. Strengthening these muscles has benefits such as : - Strong lean muscles - Toned bottom & tummy - Improved flexibility - Less pain - Better movement - Better posture - Reduced stress levels

Is Pilates good for back pain?

Pilates and Physio are the perfect partnership when it comes to banishing back pain. The movements and positions of the Pilates routine targets the exact muscles weakened by chronic back pain and sciatica. Your body will recognise the natural and flowing movements and it is superb for building confidence in your back after a bout of back pain. The added bonus of having a Physio lead the class is it ensures that you do the exercises that are appropriate for your own particular condition so no joint is overloaded and injury avoided.

I have joint problems - Can I do Pilates?

Pilates is non-impact exercise so no jumping up and down or lifting heavy weights. It uses your own body weight and changing positions to make the exercise either harder or easier. It is a great way of exercising for those with : - Back pain - Arthritis - Shoulder pain - Osteoporosis - Neck pain Everyone works at their own level - the class is not competitive - so there is no worry about not being super flexible or a gym bunny.

Can Pilates help me lose weight?

Whilst Pilates isn't a cardio-vascular workout in the same way as running or cycling it can be beneficial to help shape and tone around the waist. It targets the exact deep tummy muscles needed to draw in the waist and coupled with the improvements to your posture it can all add up to a leaner, taller looking you.

Do I need any special equipment?

Nope! Any equipment is kept to a bare minimum and will be provided for our studio sessions. Clothing should be loose enough to allow you to move and stretch and lie down comfortably. No shoes needed as Pilates is done in bare feet ( or socks if you get cold feet! ) For online classes the only equipment needed is : - A mat or towel to lie on - A rolled up bath towel - A cushion Legwarmers are optional.

Will I see immediate results?

Like any exercise programme success all comes down to repetition and practice. A couple of classes per week and a few 10 minute sessions slotted into your week is the best way to see results promptly and keep on track for the future. . Small regular sessions practiced well and under supervision will ensure you see results within just a few sessions. To continue to improve it's increasingly important to vary the exercises to cahllenge the muscles in new ways and help buld strength and endurance

Are your classes online or in-person?

Currently we have a mixture of live online classes, recorded classes and in person classes at our Groby clinic ( covid restrictions allowing! ) Our online classes are delivered via Zoom so allowing you to practice from the comfort of your own home.

How Online Works

Online Physio led Pilates Classes  available at Natural Elements. 


All sessions are led by a qualified Physiotherapist making sure that you are able to exercise safely  We welcome people of all ages and levels of ability and fitness, from armchair athletes to budding sports stars. 


Sessions are taught via Zoom video link with the exercises tailored to suit the abilities of each individual.


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