What Our Customers Say


Following my shoulder op you had me out of the sling 5 weeks earlier than expected and the consultant who saw me 8 weeks post operation was amazed at the results, signing me off to run again, some 12 weeks before expected.


I cannot thank you enough for the help so far, post major surgery is a difficult time, you helped this time to be more enjoyable and I think that’s hard to value.

Thank you Annie." 

 SD, Leicester

" I have visited Annie Rea several times over the years and always receive a reassuring welcome. Annie listened carefully to my concerns and took everything on board. This put my mind at rest knowing that the problem had been acknowledged. 


The whole experience was truly wonderful. "

WT-K, Leicester


Jonathan was great, he was perfectly happy to treat me. In fact he was horrified to hear about my previous experience elsewhere. He really put me at ease as he knew I was a bit edgy after my previous experience.


The treatment was fab. I can now move my shoulder and neck properly and my faith in people is restored. "

FH, Nuneaton

I would very highly recommend this physiotherapy service. A few weeks ago, when I was taking even just a short 10 minute walk, my lower back would really hurt.  Since I started my program, which is made up of four simple easy to follow exercises, I have been able to walk my guide dog without any pain in my lower back. 

The video tutorials on how to do each exercise are really easy to follow, and for me because I am visually impaired, everything is really clearly described, making it totally accessible. It’s so much better than many videos I have watched on YouTube, as many of those are not described fully which doesn’t allow me to do what they are saying. My entire body now feels much more supported and sturdy now my back is on the way to becoming stronger.😊💕😺🐶"

AH, Leicester


During the lockdown I was very pleased to find out that Natural Elements offer a Remote Physio consultation together with providing an app showing the right exercises to target the issue. This is all great and meant I could deal with my muscle strain straight away

AC, Leicester

Wow! I have been meaning to pop into here for a massage, but you usually have to book a week or 3 in advance and I'm usually a last minute booker. So glad I did as I had one of the best massages ever! By Amanda Henry.  It was tailored to my needs and the oils smelt lovely.

SP, Leicester


I also had to arrange to see you (Annie) this week as I had tennis albow and my shoulder had also become very sore. Again your initial examination was very thorough and detailed. I wasn't expecting to be asked if I would have "pins"!  Anyway a few minutes later 6 acupuncture needles were stuck in me. That was Wednesday, Thursday morning I woke up pain free and mobile. Amazing.

JS, Leicester

Fantastic service, lovely caring people. I have been going since it opened and I’m 100% happy with every service I’ve had. I’m starting to feel better and will continue to explore different services at Natural Elements - Thanks to you all! 

SA, Leicester


I've had physio mixed with acupuncture. Love her laid back and extremely knowledgeable approach and feel confident that my back neck and hips will be feeling less painful soon! 

KM, Leicester

Annie was very helpful, and explained the problem thoroughly. I would definitely recommend without a doubt

DW, Leicester


Just had pregnancy massage with Amanda. Absolutely loved it - am feeling totally relaxed. Definitely be having another one before baby arrives. Thank you! 

CC, Leicester

Annie is amazing - super professional and really knowledgeable but also warm and friendly. She treated me for neck and shoulder pain which has been causing bad headaches and I feel loads better

MW, Leicester


I felt so relaxed and energised after my hour long massage with Amanda, the lovely Aromatherapy oils smelt wonderful and I slept so well the night afterwards. It has opened my eyes to the world of Reflexology

EH, Leicester

Thank you so much Annie for the work you are doing on my neck, it has made such a difference and has lessened my pain

JW, Loughborough


Annie quickly diagnosed my shoulder pain and in two sessions I was on the road to recovery. Thank you for being so helpful Annie

GD, Blaby

A really lovely foot session with Jackie and today a wonderful Aromatherapy massage with Amanda. Would definitely recommend

PP, Groby


Very knowledgeable, thorough and friendly, Annie has fixed me up quick sharp on a number of occasions. I cannot fault her approac

SB, Loughborough

The Pilates course was really good in helping me move better, sit at my desk properly and lift weights correctly

GD, Blaby


have no hesitation in recommending Annie and the team at Natural Elements

FP, Leicester

I want to thank Amanda for helping me to sleep better. I had my first night's sleep for I don't know how long! Just being able to relax for a while and be free of the pain means so much

PD, Leicester


I have rarely felt so relaxed, all the tension easing after Deb's massage. Very skilled team of therapists with an aura of calm. I could have slept all night on the massage table!

GW, Leicester

I booked a relaxing massage last week with Rebecca as I had knots in my shoulders, a stiff neck and a sensitised lumbar spine. The massage was amazing .... the tightness has gone now. Highly recommend for all you young mums!

HR, Leicester