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Pilates and Bone Health

How Pilates can help Osteoporosis.

Exercise is vital for our overall body health, improving our heart and lung function, strengthening muscles and improving balance, posture and flexibility. However itis also incredibly important for maintaining a healthy bone structure. Lack of activity and stress through our skeleton leads to weaker bones - just as our muscles waste if not used our bones also lose vital minerals if not stimulated.

The foundations of a healthy stocked skeleton is laid down in our teens and 20's which is why a healthy diet and regular exercise are so important for the future. From age 40 onwards there is a gradual decline in bone density or thickness with our bones losing minerals like calcium faster than they are replaced. The overall effect is that of the bones becoming less thick and more fragile and if severe can lead to Osteporosis developing. This loss can be accelerated by inactivity, poor diet or flutuating hormones levels - most notably after menopause. Osteoporosis can mean bones fracture more easily with some areas such as wrist, hip and spine being most vulnerable.

The best way of combating this thinning of the bones is to use them ! Just like muscles that waste and weaken if not used our bones will also erode away more quickly if we don't stress them and make them work. The controlled impact of Pilates helps to stimulate the calcium and minerals to be laid down in the skeleton, promoting a stronger skeleton, stregthening muscles as well as promoting good balance and posture. Pilates is recommended by the Royal Osteoporosis Society as a valuable exercise in combating osteoporosis

Our Physio Led PIlates classes are the perfect way of exercising safely and effectively to maintain bone health, mobility and overall strength and flexibility. And it's bloomin' good for your muscles too !!! We regularly run FREE PIlates classes online so you can try out for yourself. Why not pop along and see what it's all about !

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