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Dr Google - Good thing or bad thing ?

Updated: May 11, 2022

Is self -diagnosis helpful ?

" I probably shouldn't have, but I've been looking on Google " the client sheepishly says as they get out their list of questions to ask about their knee or back pain. Now I've certainly worked with medics and therapists in the past that didn't like patients researching and visibly bristled at the sight of a list of suggestions being produced - I think they think their authority is being undermined or that their patient doesn't trust them - but personally I think it's great ! .

An engaged and interested patient that has taken time to research their problem is far more invested and likely to listen and take our advice on board. than one who simply wants to have their therapy ' done ' to them. This is particularly the case with Physio as whatever we do with you in clinic really needs to be backed up by a good rehab programme at home and sticking to that programme is really important. We train for a long time and advice we give is based on both evidence and years of experience so please try to stick our advice. We honestly don't give you exercises for our benefit or amusement - despite what you may have heard - and we don't want to stop you doing the activities you love unnecessarily. It genuinely is for your own good. We want you to get better so you can get back on the football field, running around with the kids or back to work or a good night's sleep.

Rehab is a two way street however and your input is incredibly important. Without you telling us how you are responding to the treatment then it is difficult to plan the next stages and progression. If there is something that you want to try or discuss then fire away, it may not always be suitable but if it is then we are always willing to try the best we can.

One tiny word of caution ..... Dr Google will always show you the results it thinks you WANT to see based on an algorithm which may not necessarily be what you NEED to solve your problem. Just like your SatNav cannot replace a London cabbie's Knowledge your therapist is a trained professional and an individual examination and rehab plan cannot be replaced by a set of keywords punched into a laptop. There is a wealth of information available on the internet and we are more than happy to act as interpretor but please beware

So any questions - fire away !

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